Starry Skies

Starry Skies

starry skiesStarry Skies wants to get kids back to nature and roaming free. Inspired by the great outdoors, we’ve found the perfect wilderness for families to come together and celebrate living out under the stars. With a working farm, miles of rolling meadows, rivers, streams, ancient woodland, mountains and hills to explore, it’s the perfect place for a Famous Five style adventure.

Starry Skies is powered entirely by recycled bio-fuel and solar power and we are working hard towards making the event zero waste. We are proud to support local businesses by selling locally sourced produce in our camp shop and continue to be free from corporate sponsorship.
Starry Skies is committed to being as green as possible, ensuring that we take care of the beautiful land on which we camp, and that impacts  which stretch beyond the event itself are minimised. This is what we are doing in a nutshell:

Food – The Starry Skies cafe has a strict sourcing policy –  you will be eating freshly prepared,  locally sourced and ethically certified ingredients. All eggs, fish, meat and milk are from local farms which treat their animals well, and is mostly certified free range and organic where possible.

Waste – We are proud to be working with Chris from Zero Waste, to recycle as much as possible. We will have volunteers manning a recycling point in each campsite where they will help you separate your recycling.  We’re aiming for only a small percentage of non-recyclable waste will go to landfill – e.g. nappies but we need your help to do it!

Carbon – We are carbon positive! We accurately measure the Starry Skies carbon footprint using an established online tool which takes into account all our impacts derived from waste, transport, energy use and food and drink. We then invest into clean energy to avoid the equivalent amount of carbon, which is reported by the wind farm operator. There are no carbon credits involved to confuse things.

Energy – Starry skies is 100% powered by waste vegetable oil biodiesel and solar energy, courtesy of Firefly Solar. The lighting is LED and low energy throughout. The only fossil fuel used onsite is the gas for cooking in the cafe and heating shower water.

Travel – We measure and account for the travel of artists and crew with carbon avoidance investments, and offer you the opportunity to make a donation to account for your real journey length when buying car passes – please do this if you can afford to do so.

Education – Starry Skies is all about nature – we hope to provide kids with an inspiring experience of the outdoors and new ideas and knowledge about ecology, the environment and the food we eat through the workshops and talks we offer. We are proud to be part of a wider movement of encouraging young people and families to have more outdoors experience.