La Notte Rosa

La Notte Rosa

la-notte-logo La Notte Rosa is the great feast of the Italian summer, the New Year celebrations in Riviera. A unique night, unforgettable, a night for everyone, young and old.

From dusk to dawn the 110 kilometers of the Adriatic coast of Emilia Romagna are an explosion of lights, sounds, images, colors.

It is a party that has as scenery throughout: the beach, shopping promenades, squares, bars, restaurants: music concerts, theatrical performances, themed lights, beach parties, scenes and street furniture in the name of the rose , fireworks.

With the Pink Night Riviera expresses its most authentic: the culture of hospitality, fun for everyone, the big stage where anything can happen and where all are protagonists.

Country: Italy
Website: La Notte Rosa
Event Type: Multi Arts Festival


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