La Giostra del Saracino

La Giostra del Saracino

Giostra-logo Among the ancient traditions that Tuscans love to celebrate – and you will to if you have the chance – is the Giostra del Saracino, or Joust of the Saracen (Moor) in Arezzo.

The Joust is held twice every year – on the third Saturday in June and on the first Sunday in September in Arezzo’s beautiful Piazza Grande. Festivities start a week earlier when the captains take an oath, dray the sequence in which they’ll charge and practice throughout the week in the evenings.

The whole city turns up in medieval costume to recreate the atmosphere of medieval Arezzo as the quarters of the city compete against each other in a joust to win the Golden Lance.

Country: Italy
Website: La Giostra del Saracino
Event Type: Cultural or Religious


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