Island Vibe

Island Vibe

iv16_squareiconIsland Vibe is a festival that appreciates nature’s way of enabling us to get down and party in a beautiful part of the world.

If you think about, the rubber used to make the tyres on your car has been derived from trees, wood has been shaped and smoothed to create guitars and drums and hops and water have reacted to produce beer.

Without nature Island Vibe would be very different!

Download Environmental Policies here.

Read about Island Vibe’s waste and recycling efforts here.

Eco Option

The festival invites attendees to invest in their ‘eco option’ where an additional fee of $3.20 (suggested per ticket) goes towards reducing IV’s environmental impact.

The event offers attendees a chance to vote for the ‘eco options’ they want their money to go to. The option favoured was renewable energy.

We hope that after several years of collecting we will finally be able to purchase enough solar panels to power a stage.

Refill not Landfill

A handy cup wash station is be located inside the bar area to keep your cup sanitised and sand free. Support the “refill not landfill’’ mantra by supping a fine ale from the kegged selection at the bar. Drink will only be served in commemorative reusable cups, which are initially purchased for cost price and then you may wash and refill for each visit.