Ieper Hardcore Fest

Ieper Hardcore Fest

The most striking is Ieperfest’s frank and refreshing communication. Tell it like it is – no nonsense. They have engrained and extensive ecological actions, including 100% vegan food, and this year the introduction of green camping where participants get composting toilets, showers with hot water from an eco pellet stove, and solar electricity amongst other green treats.

Ieperfest have shown that their social values stretch beyond their event, for example, by taking left over food to refugees in Calais.

100% Vegan Kitchen:

To quote a visitor: “Hey I understand Ieperfest is going for the green but why do you keep holding on to the fact that the kitchen still has to be all vegan?” Answer: “Sorry to say but I think you don’t quite understand the fact about being veg-green.” And if you still wonder, please go check the MTM to inform you about what you can do to change the world’s environment on a daily basis by choosing what to eat or even better what NOT to eat. There’s a lot to choose from. Make sure to check the FOOD section and see what’s there to fill your tummy!

Organic products from local Farmers & Fairtrade Products::

We try to shorten the travel distance of the food that is offered to us all. Most of that food, let me say, as much as possible, is organic. At the bar and in the MTM (again) you can find loads of fairtrade drinks & vegan snacks, most of them are also very organic. We know most fairtrade products come a long way, but still, choosing for these products is in every way, and not only in the process of thinking, green. Fair prices for the farmers and people along the travel process is also recommended and worth choosing for.

Tap Water System:

You can’t find any water in disposable plastic bottles at the fest. We use reusable bottles and tap water for the bands and shitworkers. Thanks to the Waterbar!

We also joined BOOMtown, a lovely festival in Ghent, Belgium, who constructed a new sustainable bar: the BOOMbar. This bar runs mostly on tap water. No soft drinks from a bottle, no, tapwater & syrups to sweeten you up. And there is more, the heat from the tap is used for warming water to do the dishes. The bar is really a beauty. Ieperfest supported this & this year we will have the bar up and running for business. For more info about this amazing innovative barsystem, go check

Reusable Plates and Trays

  • Green plates/Blue trays: if you were on one of the (we lost count) last editions, you will recognize the lovely green, long-lasting hard plastic plates! So we don’t have to tell you that they are being re-used. Just like other years we ask you to pay a warrant (ONE extra food coupon) when you get your food/plate. When you return your/a plate to our special ‘RETURNPOINT’/’het afwaspunt’ somewhere on the food court you will get a food coupon back. Sounds easy, right? The plates & trays will be washed with 100% biodegradable washing-up liquid. So we can use them again.

PLA Cups

Drinking cups: for quite some time now, we’re going for fully biodegradable cups made out of corn or sugar beet! You can read ‘PLA’ on the bottom. And just like in the past we want to separate all the PLA cups from other trash! You can leave them in those red bins with “cups” written on them. All our cups will be either re-used again to make new bio-degradable cups or will be used for other purposes. Help us a hand (or two, or even more) and collect those cups! We’re working together with Looplife Polymers, you can visit their website to see how it works. Please only CUPS in the cup bins! We need to be able to guarantee that the raw material we deliver at Looplife is free of by-products.

Organic Waste Disposal

Organic waste: this GREEN BIN just loves food… food, unprinted napkins & wooden cutlery only. Which means that the package where the food was wrapped in, doesn’t belong in this bin! Even the food doesn’t belong in it as long as it can still be eaten, and there is always somebody around who will eat it. Just ask around. And if you’re lucky, you could score some food for free too!!

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