Bona Nit Barcelona

Bona Nit Barcelona

Bona-Nit-logo We like to think that Bona Nit Barcelona is an organic and living proposal. An evolving project that not only seeks to revitalize audience awareness, but also draws on its experience and learns from the feedback given by other partners: artists, sponsors, official media, etc.

Having won several international and national awards in recognition of its environmental commitment in all areas of the festival, this third edition offers a new twist with a very clear objective: to integrate our proposal in the collective imagination of the city. And we’ll do it in a place as iconic as Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes: conceived as a central nerve of the Barcelona that architect Cerdà had in mind, it will stop being just a mass of concrete to host a 21st century park thanks to the ‘Urban Canopy’ project. A green lung that will oxygenate this busy intersection, that connects three of the city’s main arteries.

Country: Spain
Website: Bona Nit Barcelona
Event Type: Music Festival


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