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DGTL is a festival experience full of discovery, inspiration and surprise. Through music, art and production, we tantalise visitors and keep them hungry for more. DGTL is making a sustainable impact on the global festival landscape. Always mindful of our environmental... read more

Calgary Stampede

Stampede Park has been home to the Calgary Stampede for more than 101 years. So it should be no surprise that the Stampede strives to be a responsible steward of its site, nestled by the Elbow River. In order to maintain the integrity of our planet and our... read more

Ieper Hardcore Fest

The most striking is Ieperfest’s frank and refreshing communication. Tell it like it is – no nonsense. They have engrained and extensive ecological actions, including 100% vegan food, and this year the introduction of green camping where participants get composting... read more

Off Festival

  The winner of a Green Operations Award, Off Festival is the first Polish festival run partially on renewable power. Its plan is to be run on 100% renewables in the close future. Other sustainable production initiatives include: 100% organic food offered at the... read more


One of NorthSides core values ​​is sustainability. A festival is basically a big challenge, since many people with a high level of consumption are gathered in a small area of space in a short and intense period of time. But we accept this challenge and we want to push... read more

Rocking the Daisies

The green goals of Rocking the Daisies are an integral part of implementing festival in an eco-friendly and sustainable way and have been developed over the last few years. Every year we take steps to achieve these goals in order to ensure that we continue to “Play... read more

Starry Skies

Starry Skies wants to get kids back to nature and roaming free. Inspired by the great outdoors, we’ve found the perfect wilderness for families to come together and celebrate living out under the stars. With a working farm, miles of rolling meadows, rivers, streams,... read more


BoomTown Fair is a very different festival to the norm… growing from the roots of British and European subculture it is consistently buoyed by the strength and will of the community it creates. With 45,000 ‘citizens’ joining in on this other-worldly experience,... read more


Bestival is an award winning 4 day boutique music festival set at Robin Hill – a beautiful leafy country park (a veritable Garden of Eden!) in the heart of the Isle of Wight. From the most original boutique campsite experience, to the Bollywood Cocktail Bar, a Wishing... read more

Island Vibe

Island Vibe is a festival that appreciates nature’s way of enabling us to get down and party in a beautiful part of the world. If you think about, the rubber used to make the tyres on your car has been derived from trees, wood has been shaped and smoothed to create... read more


Organising a festival consumes a lot of electricity, requires vehicle traffic, and produces a lot of waste. Ilosaarirock Festival takes place in a very beautiful park area, and we certainly want the area to stay beautiful in the future. That’s why we make an... read more

Øya Festivalen

For Øyafestivalen environmental protection is one of our core values, and our ambition is to be among the greenest festivals in the world. We see this as our corporate social responsibility and it is natural for the festival to organize its activities so that... read more

Green Man Festival

Green Man is a music festival set in the heart of the beautiful Brecon Beacons in Wales. The river Usk flows around the perimeter and the Black Mountains stand impressively as the backdrop to the ‘Mountain Stage’. ”Of all the festivals in all the... read more

Two Moors Festival Exmoor & Dartmoor

The Two Moors Festival, renowned as a leading chamber music festival in the UK, attracts esteemed artists from across the globe. In 2014 alone, Viktoria Mullova, Kate Royal, Angela Hewitt and Trevor Pinnock were among the glittering array of performers who relished... read more

La Giostra del Saracino

Among the ancient traditions that Tuscans love to celebrate – and you will to if you have the chance – is the Giostra del Saracino, or Joust of the Saracen (Moor) in Arezzo. The Joust is held twice every year – on the third Saturday in June and on the first... read more

Helsinki Festival

Finland’s largest arts festival, Helsinki Festival, will be treating audiences to an exciting international lineup and unique productions in August. The festival’s diverse programme consists of events throughout the city, with experiences ranging from classical... read more


Ebeltoft Rotary Club members decided in 2002-2003 to take the initiative to create a variety of activities for the benefit of the city and its tourists, especially during the autumn holiday. One idea and development was launched, and held a series of brain-Storming... read more

Fête de la Gastronomie

French Gastronomy is a living thing, a tradition that has cemented French society throughout the centuries, uniting the population at mealtimes and providing a subject of conversation at all times! The Fête de la Gastronomie is all about food and cooking, a joyous,... read more

Primavera Sound Festival

For over a decade now Primavera Sound has been offering consistently successful musical events. This Barcelona music promoter has, since its modest beginnings, developed a strong commitment to music so that spectators of different generations can enjoy live music to... read more

Festival SOS 4.8

On May 6 and May 7, 2016, the SOS 4.8 celebrates its ninth edition with the same innovative and authentic spirit of the first day, but become a cultural event of international significance that has grown steadily in both the number of attendees, and the number of... read more

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